Ongoing projects

Current Skyfallen Projects (Total/In Planning Phase/Being Developed Developed/Complete/Depreciated): 75/20/16/29/12

· Skyfallen Developer Center (N/A-
Project Description: The center for blazing fast Skyfallen APIs that include but are not limited to Tamako Chat API, Skyfallen ID and more.
· SkyMake 4 (#204 –
Project Description: A learning management system, designed to change the industry with simplicity and augmented reality.
· SkyMake App (N/A-
Project Description: The augmented reality supported companion app for SkyMake 4 and 5
· SecureForms (N/A-
Project Description: A form processing web app with built in RSA and AES encryption.
· Skyfallen ID 3 (N/A – Not open source)
Project Description: An account for everything Skyfallen.

· Skyfallen Cloud ETA: July 2021
Project Description: A cloud platform for hosting web apps.
· Skyfallen Connected ETA: June 2021
Project Description: A platform for IoT devices like ESP-32 where you can see their status without forwarding a port for them.
· [SDC] Updates Console ETA: June 2021
Project Description: Skyfallen Updates Console functionality built into Skyfallen Developer Center
· Skyfallen Software Signing (Name subject to change) ETA: September 2021
Project Description: A certification system that can be used for signing software packages.

· SkyMake 5 ETA: Mid June 2021
Project Description: A new and refined version of the latest SkyMake 4.
· All interface has been converted into a single page app with React.
· Development has been prioritized to be done by Mid June.
· The accompanying app will also enter development in the following days.
· Accompanying app will be redesigned fully.
· Jitsi Live Class server will be replaced with LiveConnect and ARConnect.
· Skyfallen ID 4 ETA: Late June 2021
Project Description: The react powered, blazing fast and stable successor to Skyfallen ID
· Skyfallen CAS ETA: Late June 2021
Project Description: The session server to accompany Skyfallen ID 4.
· AirCode ETA: July 2021
Project Description: An app for desktop and mobile that lets you scan barcodes from your phone and send them to your computer over the air.
· Skyfallen LiveConnect ETA for Beta Version: Mid-June 2021 – ETA for Stable: December 2021
Project Description: A privacy and simplicity focused live conferencing software with planned support for AR to be incorporated into SkyMake.

· SkyMake 2 EOL: February 2021
Project Description: The predecessor for SkyMake 4
· SkyMake 3 EOL: March 2021
Project Description: The predecessor for SkyMake 4
· Skyfallen App Center EOL: April 2021
Project Description: An early version of Skyfallen Developer Center which only included App ID creation and a simple API to verify them.
· Skyfallen ID 1 EOL: September 2020
Project Description: The very initial version of Skyfallen ID that supported the validation of credentials solely with the use of an API.

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