A new look, same Skyfallen

It has been more than a year since we initially settled out with the name Skyfallen and announced our brand-new at the time logo that symbolized the path to success.

Now that it’s been about two years, we have now decided that it is time for a change. A change that would better describe us, provide us better recognition and most important of all, represent Skyfallen’s morals more effectively.

I am glad to introduce you all to the all-new designed Skyfallen Logo:

We didn’t just want to represent our name with a symbol but also wanted to represent our colorful nature with our brand new text-based logo as well:

Our old logo will continue to represent the path to success deeply confined within old Skyfallen projects that have now been depreciated or old services that once helped Skyfallen be what it is now.

Starting from today, you will see the logos in all services slowly change to the new identity of Skyfallen. Throughout many years to come, we will be hoping to accompanied by our new identity alongside many beautiful memories.

Before finishing this letter, I would like to thank everyone who helped Skyfallen become the Skyfallen is is now, from the team at @TheSkyfallen to people who helped build the Developer Center. Without them, it would have been impossible to see Skyfallen come to real reality.

Lastly, there are many new projects to come on Skyfallen that include but are not limited to new SkyMake 5 with AR, Skyfallen Project W for freelancers, new functionality inside Developer Center, new Skyfallen ID, and many more.

Stay Happy and Healthy,
Yiğit Kerem Oktay – Founder of Skyfallen